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Most of  my life I have had animals of all types.
Bringing companionship, love, and security and 
so much happiness. 
Growing up on my Grandpa's farm, then on a farm of our own, is one of the most cherished 
memories of my life. 
Working on Dairys Equine facilities and pet boarding kennels, I have learned alot about animals. Along with doing tons of observations with licensed professionals is one of the biggest educational 
tools to my career now. 
Many years I have owned and operated a Equine facilty and pet Grooming along with boarding service. Providing the highest professional standards. 
We are highly recommended by clients, vets, friends and family. 
Over the years doing volunteer work for humane society and other rescues. I decided it wasn't enough and so NW Love All Animal Rescue began.
Our goal was not to limit ourselves to just small domestic animals. In the future we would also inlude wild life. Providing a truly safe place for all creatures. 
My lifes work and passion are the most amazing accomplishments of my life. 
                                              Tracy Nichols

                      MISSION STATEMENT 

NW Love All Animal Rescue (NWLAAR) is a non-profit 501 (c), no kill, all volunteer run animal rescue. Our organizaion opened it s doors during 2010. Our mission is to rescue homeless and abandoned animals, spay, neuter, and provide medical care while in our animal sanctuary until each animal is adopted into the loving home 
he/she deserves!
NWLAAR,Inc. is a spacious, loving sanctuary located on ten acres. We rely on the kindness and generosity of our community, businesses, and animal lovers like you who open their hearts to help us take care of the animal orphans who desperately need our help. 
Along with our ever-growing need for finacial support from generous donors, we aalways have a long (and often changing) list of much needed materials. 
It is contributions from individuals, local companies, and larger institutions like you which help us reach our stated mission of providing for all the precious animal beings who are in desperate need of save, loving care and/or medical treatment and follow-up.
Tracy Nichols, our CEO and President is currently earning her wildlife license to help animals such as deer, possums, birds, and other local wild life who have been injured or sick and need immediate medical care, Her plan is to care for them and release them back to the wild when they are stable and able to fend for themselves once again. 
There is nothing NWLAAR wants more then to be able to transform all animal orphans into pampered pets, in loving homes of their own. Our dedicated volunteers aim to help current new owners alike solve problems concerning the well being of their beloved pets, by connection them with timely useful resources of all kinds.